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The New Runaway Jurors: Social Media Addicts

Imagine you are at home one night enjoying your favorite pastimes?Çöchecking your Facebook page and Twitter feed.?á Your significant other intrudes, and tells you that there was a jury summons in the mail?Çöand it has your name on it. You immediately update your statuses (all of them) to ?Ç£OH NO! JURY DUTY!?á ):?Ç¥?á After all, you know what comes next: if selected, you anticipate weeks of missed work, long-winded lawyers, and uncomfortable seats. Your worst fears regarding the seats are confirmed while participating in something the judge refers to as ?Ç£voir dire.?Ç¥?á To your chagrin, you are selected for the jury.?á Then, you are surprised when the judge adds insult to injury by instructing the jury to refrain from mentioning the trial in any social media for the duration of the trial. But, you were never one to keep your Twitter followers waiting, were you??á So?Çöagainst the judge?ÇÖs instructions?Çöyou live-blog… Continue Reading

HHS Settles HIPAA Case for $1.5 Million

On March 13, 2012, HHS announced a settlement with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee (?Ç£BCBST?Ç¥) regarding potential violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (?Ç£HIPAA?Ç¥) Privacy and Security Rules. The investigation by HHS arose after a November 2009 breach report notice submitted by BCBST to HHS reported that 57 unencrypted computer hard drives containing ?Ç£protected health information?Ç¥ (?Ç£PHI?Ç¥) of more than 1 million individuals were stolen from a leased facility in Tennessee. As a result of its investigation, HHS discovered that BCBST failed to implement appropriate administrative and physical safeguards to adequately protect PHI. In addition to the $1.5 million penalty, the settlement agreement requires BCBST to review, revise and maintain its Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures and to conduct regular trainings for all BCBST employees with responsibilities under HIPAA. According to HHS, this enforcement action is the first resulting from the breach report… Continue Reading

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