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Broadening Statements Can Save You During Claim Construction

Many experienced practitioners have come to realize that a fair amount of wordsmithing is required to ensure that an invention is not unduly limited.?á The Federal Circuit has consistently taken the approach that the intrinsic evidence contained within the patent is most highly regarded during claim construction, to the point where inventor statements characterizing the invention may be irrelevant.?á In Continental Circuits LLC v. Intel Corp., (Appeal Number 2018-1076, Fed. Cir. February 8, 2019) (?Ç£Continental Circuits?Ç¥), the Federal Circuit looked at a limitation that was read into the claims by the District Court and found that the exacting requirements to infer a claim limitation had not been met. Continental Circuits LLC (?Ç£Continental?Ç¥) owned four patents directed to a ?Ç£multilayer electrical device… having a tooth structure.?Ç¥ ?áContinental Circuits at 2.?á The four patents at issue, U.S. Patent No. 7,501,582 (?Ç£the ?Çÿ582 patent?Ç¥), U.S. Patent No. 8,278,560 (?Ç£the ?Çÿ560 patent?Ç¥), U.S. Patent… Continue Reading

Practice Tip ?Çô Missing Participants Remain a Significant Concern for Retirement Plan Sponsors

When participants in qualified retirement plans are no longer current employees of the plan sponsor, it can be challenging to ensure that the contact information in the plan?ÇÖs records is up to date and accurate. However, inaccurate contact information in the plan?ÇÖs records is problematic for a variety of reasons, including causing operational failures when participants do not receive distribution of benefits by the plan?ÇÖs required distribution date and increasing the possibility of fraud when a participant?ÇÖs information is sent to the wrong address. Plan administrators should review their procedures for locating missing participants and ensure that they are (1) consistent with available guidance from the IRS and the DOL, (2) appropriate for the plan and its participant population, and (3) being followed consistently by the plan administrator or its delegate. Plan administrators should also document any steps undertaken to locate missing participants. The plan?ÇÖs procedures should also address how… Continue Reading

February 2019