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Washington State Partnership Access Line Assessments Due for Self-Insured Employer Plans

The first quarterly assessment is due to the Health Care Authority (the “HCA”) under the Washington Partnership Access Lines (“PAL”) program for certain sponsors of welfare programs, including employers that sponsor self-insured employee welfare benefit plans that cover residents of Washington state. The first regular covered lives report covers the period from July 1 to September 30, 2021, and must be submitted within 45 calendar days after the end of the quarter. The HCA recently approved the monthly assessment at a rate of $0.13 per covered life with the first payment due on November 15, 2021. For purposes of the required report and the assessment, the term “covered life” means any individual residing in Washington with respect to whom the entity administers, provides, pays for, insures, or covers health care services, unless excepted by Washington statute. Plan sponsors of self-insured plans should consult with their third party administrators to confirm they will provide assistance for the preparation of the required reports and submission of the assessment payments.

Additional information about PAL is available here and here

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