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Fraud Allegations Sour Apple?ÇÖs Promises That Its App Store Is Secure

Apple should be celebrating.?á Its App Store recently exceeded 2 billion downloads.?á Over 600,000 apps are now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.?á Yet, continuing claims of fraud surely dampen any celebration and threaten to sour the App Store?ÇÖs reputation as a secure marketplace. The New York Times recently shared Ryan Matthew Pierson?ÇÖs story.?á In about an hour, Mr.?áPierson?ÇÖs iTunes account was charged $437.71 for virtual currency that he could use to buy guns, nightclubs and cars in iMobsters, a popular iPhone game.?á The problem is, Mr. Pierson has never played the game.?á He was the victim of fraud.?á Unfortunately, Mr. Pierson is not alone.?á Hundreds of others have complained that the App Store is not secure. Consumers are not the sole victims of this fraud.?á Developers lose hundreds of thousands of dollars to App Store fraud.?á Compounding their problems is consumers?ÇÖ perception that developers are to blame… Continue Reading

Peeved with Biebs: Justin Bieber Sued over Joustin?ÇÖ Beaver Game App

Last Friday, app developer RC3, Inc. sued Biebs, aka pop star Justin Bieber, seeking the court?ÇÖs declaration that RC3?ÇÖs game ?Ç£Joustin?ÇÖ Beaver,?Ç¥ available for Android?ádevices and the iPhone/iPad, is protected under the First Amendment.?á In a February 13, 2012 demand letter to RC3, Bieber?ÇÖs counsel asserted that the app is a blatant infringement of Bieber?ÇÖs right of publicity and constitutes trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and other violations. The game features a beaver sporting Bieber?ÇÖs (in)famous hairstyle.?á The beaver also wears a purple sweater which, as every Bieber fan knows, is his favorite color.?á (Important! ?áWe don?ÇÖt admit to being Bieber fans.)?á Joustin?ÇÖ Beaver must float down the river while signing ?Ç£Otter-graphs?Ç¥ and knocking evil ?Ç£Phot-Hogs?Ç¥ into the river with his jousting lance. A press release for the game noted, ?Ç£We wanted to create a game that appeals to Justin Bieber?ÇÖs fans.?á He?ÇÖs a hero and adored by millions.?á It?ÇÖs important… Continue Reading

November 2022