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Plan Sponsors Beware When Classifying Independent Contractors for Benefit Plan Purposes

Employers generally understand that “employee benefit plans” should only be provided to “employees” and that “independent contractors” should be excluded from benefit plan participation. While this concept is simple in principle, it is not as simple in application, since the determination of whether an individual is an independent contractor or an employee is not based on a bright-line test; rather, it is based on a facts and circumstances analysis. With the increase in the “gig” economy, the continued use of temporary or leased employees, and the periodic need to have an employee provide transition services on a limited basis following a termination of employment, minds can easily differ on an individual’s proper classification. To further complicate the matter, there are two different sets of rules that govern the determination of whether an individual is an independent contractor or an employee.  As we noted in our Labor and Employment Group’s alert… Continue Reading

Broker / Consultant Compensation Disclosures

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 requires brokers and consultants to disclose to group health plans the direct and indirect compensation they expect to receive in connection with the services they provide to the plans. This compensation disclosure must be provided before the service contract is entered into or renewed, and the plan must be informed if the information in the disclosure changes. The broker/consultant must also provide the compensation disclosure to a plan upon request in order to permit the plan to comply with any applicable reporting and disclosure requirements. If the compensation disclosure is not provided, a plan fiduciary is required to request the compensation disclosure from the broker/consultant and, if it is still not provided in response to that request, notify the DOL and potentially terminate the contract. Implementing regulations and/or guidance have not yet been issued. This new requirement is scheduled to go into effect on… Continue Reading

November 2022